Stop Loss Insurance for Businesses

It’s an understatement to say that health insurance has been in the news lately.   Increasingly businesses are turning to self-insurance as a solution to rising health care costs.   Stop loss insurance is a critical component to this approach.   Stop Loss Insurance Brokers, Inc. works with your current insurance broker or consultant to provide you with additional options by separately bidding your stop loss insurance which could save you money or provide you with better insurance for your current rate.

How We Can Help

Whether your company is currently self-funded or is considering self-funding for health insurance, Stop Loss Insurance Brokers, Inc. is a valuable resource.   Sign up for our newsletter and read our blog to get fresh ideas on this specialized service form our experts who are working in it every day.

For Municipalities

Currently self-insured?

How to Separately Quote your Stop Loss Insurance:

  • Contact us to discuss your current program and your needs so that we can determine how best to help you.
  • Provide information (claim history, census, plan design)   so that we can solicit competitive quotes.
  • Allow 90 days prior to renewal to ensure timely quotes.
  • Review results with us and chose a competitive, quality program to meet   your coverage and cost needs

Considering self-funding?

Is your company a good candidate for self-funding?

  • Size of employee   population.   Self funding can start with as few as 10 employees and go up to 10,000+.   Plans can be tailored to every level.
  • Ability to know your claims experience.   Your history will help predict your future liability when considering   self-funding.
  • Financial stability.   This will allow for cash on hand in order   to pay claims directly.
  • Ability and desire to take on risk.   The group must be able to withstand fluctuations in claim liability during the year.
  • Willingness to manage claims of the group.

We can help you navigate these factors to determine if self-funding is an option.   If it is, we can help develop a self-funding program to meet your needs.