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You Paid What?: Improving Transparency About Health Care Costs

The human's natural instincts for curiosity are not always about being nosy: other considerations, such as financial transparency, help to distinguish what is right and fair within the healthcare industry. Going into an operation with some sort of estimated rate for services and goods keeps patients from being exploited and overcharged. In this case, being nosy can benefit Americans greatly with their health costs. Continue Reading >

How Employee Engagement Can Reduce Healthcare Costs

Americans don’t agree on much, but everyone acknowledges that healthcare costs are just too high. Ballooning insurance costs translate to financial strain, which trickles down to employees in the form of budget cuts and staffing changes. That’s why it makes so much sense to include employees in discussions about rising healthcare costs. That might represent a radical change from the status quo in some companies, but it’s a change worth making. Employee engagement looks different in each company, and it’s up to the employer to find the blend of programs and initiatives that’s most beneficial – both for employee health and satisfaction, and for the bottom line. Continue Reading >

The Rise of Telemedicine

With the rapid advancements we are seeing in the healthcare and medical industries, telemedicine has become a relevant method of patient consultation. Telemedicine, which has been around for over a decade, initially received skeptical views. Many questioned its validity as a thorough alternative to actually coming in to see a medical professional. Now, it is poised to reinvent how we view patient consultations. Continue Reading >