About Us

In an increasingly competitive market place, Stop Loss Insurance Brokers, Inc. has set the standard for self-funding in New England. We have established a solid reputation with our aggressive quotes from exclusively A-rated carriers, comprehensive tracking and monitoring process, and proven track record of superior claims payment.

Our goal is to meet your stop loss insurance needs by providing you with the most comprehensive coverage at the best value from top rated insurance carriers.

Since our inception in 1994, we have written more than a third of the stop loss business for the self-funded municipal market in Massachusetts. Not limited to the public sector, we have extensive experience with businesses as well. Our team, under the leadership of Denise Doyle, president and founder, takes pride in their knowledge of the stop loss market so you can feel confident that we are committed to doing what’s best for our clients. Your stop loss insurance will be in good hands.

In addition, Stop Loss Insurance Brokers, Inc. has been certified by the Commonwealth of MA Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) as a Women Owned Business Enterprise (WBE).

Please read our blog for intelligent information from our team that works in stop loss insurance every day. For specific questions regarding your plan or to request a bid for your self-insured health insurance stop loss, please contact us.

Our Team