Specialty Drug Spending: Five Years Later, Where Are We?

Back in 2017, we wrote about a topic that vexes insurers and self-insured employers: specialty drugs. More specifically, we wondered whether specialty drugs are worth their high cost. Five years later, there aren’t any more conclusive answers about whether these drugs are effective enough to warrant sky-high prices—and in the ensuing five years, those prices have only gotten higher.  Continue Reading >

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The 5 Least Understood Benefits of Stop Loss Insurance

As self-funded health plans have steadily grown in popularity over the last decade, many business leaders have found themselves in unfamiliar territory. After switching from fully-funded insurance to self-funding, there’s a great deal of information to absorb. Stop loss insurance is one tool that self-insured employers may utilize but not fully understand. Continue Reading >

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Normalizing Mental Health-The Benefits for Self-Funded Plans

Employers have to walk a fine line around employee mental health. It’s not appropriate for employers to probe their employees with personal questions about their physical or emotional health. At the same time, employers have a vested financial interest in making sure that members of their workforce have access to necessary mental health resources. Continue Reading >

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Affordable Care Act Cost-Sharing Caps: What to Know for 2022

Out-of-pocket expenses can become overwhelming or even financially devastating for someone who’s dealing with a serious, ongoing health issue. The Affordable Care Act cost-sharing caps limit some out-of-pocket medical costs for consumers, requiring health plans to cover costs that exceed those limits. Annual ACA caps can have some impact on a self-insured employer’s healthcare spending. Continue Reading >

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Stop Loss Insurance for Municipalities and Businesses.