Why Municipalities Should Seek Competitive Quotes for Stop-Loss Insurance Each Year

Providing benefits for your employees requires you to balance cost control with the needs and wants of your workforce. As decision makers, you have to scrutinize every expense that crosses your desk. That’s especially true when you’re making financial decisions on behalf of a municipality. Controlling your stop-loss costs is just one way to stretch your healthcare dollars without sacrificing employee benefits. Having the right level of stop-loss coverage allows a municipality to cap its financial risk while it provides a high-quality self-funded plan to its employees. But the stop-loss decisions you made last year may not reflect your current needs. That’s why we urge you to seek competitive quotes every year, even if you’re already working with a healthcare consultant. Continue Reading >

A municipal administrator in a red skirt stands on a staircase. Benefit administrators like her should seek out competitive quotes for stop-loss insurance each year.

Stop Loss Insurance for Municipalities and Businesses.